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Who are PCC?


Panda Crane Crew are a group of highly skilled professionals who specialise in utilising their experience in the construction field to provide outstanding services to our customers.

We provide extremely productive crane crews while maintaining safety and integrity.

Our aim is fulfil our customers goals through our passion for our part in the processed while maintaining job site safety.


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Our three pillars of excellence.




We maintain onsite care an adhere diligently to production schedules. Completing your project safely and efficiently is our main goal. 

Our strategy to maintaining optimal productivity is strong management, training, experience and excellent communication. These elements create an optimal environment for Productivity.



Through our induction and training processes, we install a high level integrity in all of our staff members. This is also reverberated through the building site when engaging with the Panda Crane Crew. 

In our profession, honesty and striving for excellence is a crucial part to a great execution in deliverables. This is the reason Integrity is high on the list for Panda Crane Crew. 



Panda Crane Crew take safety seriously. Our profession is high risk, and involves a large majority of moving parts. To maintain an efficient work environment our work-staff have a large amount of experience and training. 

We maintain safety on the job site, not just for our benefit but for all who work onsite with us. It is through the combination of Integrity, communication and safety we are able to reach efficiency and productivity. 





Crane Crews


Panda Crane Crew crane drivers bring a wealth of experience and can cater to different types of cranes whether it be a tower crane, luffing crane or self erecting crane. We can organise a crane for hire and also provide a make shift crane crew which will be suitable for your sites specifications and needs.

Our Panda Crane Crews are highly trained and have an expertise in different methods of communication either via 2 way radio, professional whistle calls or via hand signals depending on location of dogman and driver. Each crew member of the Panda Crane Crew go through high level WPHS requirements and training frequently. It’s our aim through our workmanship to not only keep our staff safe but ensure the site or project is maintained safely and to high standards.

Our crane crew consists of three; which include a crane operator and two dogman. This can  change depending on the layout of the construction site and other site scoping dependancies.


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Labour Hire


We are able to provide quality, pre-screened qualified labour hire. These PCC members can vary from Lollipop navigators, all rounders, tradesmen of varying qualifications.

If your project requires quality labour hire read more below.


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Manitou Drivers


If you’re looking for more of a full-scale deployment for infrastructure, Panda Crane Crew offer highly qualified Manitou Drivers. Our Manitou drivers are responsible for distribution of materials needed to various trades on site and can utilise all aspects of a Manitou.


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Panda Crane Crew are able to provide highly qualified Dogman. A Dogman’s responsibility is to sling, attach and manoeuvre the loads handled by the cranes. With our high priority in safety for all individuals operating onsite, your Dogman’s awareness and roll is incredibly important to the effective transition of materials and safety of all onsite.


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