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What is a Dogman?


A Dogmans role is to attach, sling and direct the movement of loads handled by cranes in varying locations such as construction, mining sites etc. Working both in and out of view of the crane drivers.




Typical duties of a Dogman


  • Check loads to be moved whilst estimating the size, weight, shape and center of gravity. All whilst making sure that the loads do not exceed the maximum lifting capacities of the crane


  • Inspection of chains, ropes. cables, hooks, slings and lifting gear to actively look for flaws and damages such as: wear, cracks, mildew, corrosion and defects


  • Guide loads into position as they are lowered


  • Attach lifting devices to hoisting equipment and items to be moved using, hooks, clamps and bolts and knots


  • Being continually alert for peoples, or objects which may be obstructing the path of the load


  • Mastering hand signals, whistles and radio calls for when the load is not visible to the crane operator


  • Competent in choosing and using slings along with other grappling devices


  • Organizing and prioritizing order of lifts with co-workers and relaying instructions to the team
  • Find the safest route for the transportation of loads from A to B


  • SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement)





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